Update on our Skneeks

Thank you all for your interest in our Skneeks. I just wanted to inform you of our situation as I know it’s been a while and I was just hoping to bring better news. 

With our current situation and trying to figure out the best option during this pandemic, I’m still in the works with next steps. The reason I created this product and company is because I wanted to help families/kids/adults who were in a similar and tough situation. Believe me, I know it’s hard seeing our kids with torn up knees. I also know we need more adaptive products out there.

Right now as far as the Skneeks go, fabric cost has gone up, shipping still isn’t the most reliable and of course manufacturing and keeping up with resources is tough during this time. I also wanted to make sure I kept these at an affordable price. In the past I worked with a small manufacturer/seamstress but later had to put that relationship on hold until we knew what was happening with the Coronavirus pandemic. This product is not mass manufactured and very custom so why it’s not so easy. When I started, I created a Kickstarter campaign to get this off the ground but like all small businesses funding is still a big part of this project as well. This was done out of a passion, not to make millions:)

Regardless, I will keep you all posted and thanks so much for reaching out. Hoping to come up with some solutions soon! It take a village.

** Later on I hope to share an Adaptive snow sled with all of you (the Human Centered Design Studio at the Colorado School of Mines here in Golden, CO deserves a huge thank you) who are in need of something with back support. Hoping to make this available to anyone who wants to make their own this fall/winter.