Skneeks (Knee Sneakers)

Not just a knee pad but a knee shoe.

Now you can walk, work or play on your knees safely on cement, asphalt, sand, and hardwood floors without bruising and bleeding or wear or tear on your pants.

Our knee pads are made using a soft yet durable padding, a shoe sole type material on the knee, spandex mix fabric and non slip elastic so you can wear on bare skin or over pants.

* Patent Pending

Shoe Sole Knee Sleeves

NoteWith our Kickstarter campaign just ending, orders made through July 15, will ship mid August.
See our Kickstarter campaign here.

We put in a lot of love and extra time to make these as creating products that are made of good quality and work well is important to us. That’s why these are also made locally in Denver, CO.


After 6 years of making these out of biking arm sleeves, denim, shoo goo, silicon and whatever else we could find, we decided it was time to make these for real.

Abrasion Resistant Knee Pads - History of Skneeks

More Skneeks products are on the way but we need your help.

So we think creating the same concept on pants of all kinds like joggers and jeans would be so helpful to many. What are your thoughts? For people with special needs, we know many people could use more adaptive solutions as well. Maybe for use on the elbows of shirts, an elbow sleeve concept. Regardless we are open to all suggestions, ideas and more so please reach out anytime.