Youth and Adult Skneeks

**We are sold out and won’t be getting more in stock any time soon but we hope to bring these back at a later time. Feel free to reach out with any questions.


$87.00 – $129.00 (pre-order)

When ordering, these come in pairs so only need to order 1 for a pair.


These are pre-ordered items (ordering before they are in stock) and we will ship as soon as they are available. We will ship once a small batch (max of 10 orders) can be shipped at once and will be shipped on a first-come, first serve basis. **If you order after the first 10 orders are placed, you would be in the next shipment. You can expect shipment in about 3 weeks.


  • Made to withstand wear on cement and asphalt

  • Durable yet soft water-wicking polyester, spandex mix fabric

  • Silicon grip elastic at the top (using a thicker silicon to make sure stays on the thigh)

  • Velcro strap at the top to tighten if need

  • Waterproof shoe sole type fabric on the knee

  • Shock absorbing neoprene padding – 1/4″ thick

  • Easy to wipe clean

  • Washable, Air Dry

More Important Information:

These are not to be used as a medical device or knee brace of any kind.

Each is hand crafted. Due to the handmade nature of our process, slight imperfections may be present. 

Keep your knees protected with all day wearing knee sneakers. First developed to wear on bare skin but can be worn over pants or tights. They can withstand wear on rock, cement, asphalt, hardwood floors, or wet surfaces. Great for youth and adults as they come in all sizes. Great if working on your knees a lot or needing for physical activity such as rock climbing, basketball, volleyball, and more. Was originally developed for people with other needs such as cerebral palsy, hemophilia, hypotonia, and other disabilities.

*Patent Pending

Skneeks No Tear Kneepads