What if my size is in the middle of the two sizes?

I would suggest the larger as these are a made to be snug but you don’t want too tight. There is also a velcro strap at the top to tighten if needed.

Can these be worn over pants?

Yes they can. Although these were developed to wear over bare skin, they can work well on certain pants. If buying specifically to wear over pants, I would buy the next size up if your size is on the higher end of one particular size.

Also although these can be worn over any pants, the best options would be to wear over fitted pants. When the pants are fitted, the silicon elastic has a better chance of gripping the leg better. If worn on baggy pants, the Skneeks may not stay in the proper place as well but they have been used over sweats and jeans.

If I measure bigger than the given sizes, do you offer custom?

Yes we do. For custom, if would just be an additional 20% added to the price. Contact us for details.

How long will a pair last?

If worn properly and taken care of properly, and the shoe sole covers the knee entirely, they could last a long time. It depends on how much you wear them so we can’t give a length of time but the black shoe sole material is super durable and does not break down, it remains the same which is amazing. Regardless everything wears, even a pair of shoes after time.