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Behind GoLiiv: Birkley’s Story hits the Media – Starts Walking at Age 10, Good Morning America, People, etc.

A little background on the Skneeks knee pads and GoLiiv and why it all started. Here’s Birkley’s story on Good Morning America, People and Heart Threads just to name a few. The video went viral obviously showing the power of miracles and if we can provide the right resources, wonderful things can happen.

One of the first moments in which a girl with cerebral palsy walks on her own was captured on video, which shows the 10-year-old in pure joy.

Birkley, 11, has cerebral palsy and is nearly deaf, but her mom, Tamra Logan, told “Good Morning America” that she is a “super happy kiddo” who is “cuddly” and “loves activity.”

For the past few months, 11-year-old Birkley, who has cerebral palsy, has worked hard to walk on her own. A series of sweet videos shows the little girl mastering the feat — and warming hearts in the process!

In a video shared on Oct. 29, Birkley is shown sporting a wide smile as she strolled by herself near her family’s Colorado home for more than a minute in a video viewed more than 450,000 times. Birkley’s mother, Tamra Logan, told ABC News it was the “longest distance she ever walked.”

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In the Works

We are currently speaking with other companies who want to join us in this movement. Inclusive design needs to be the new norm. Some ideas in the works: a snow tube, sled, easy to break down bed and more. Do you have any products you would like to see? Please reach out to us at

If you’re a company looking to add inclusive products but not sure the next step, we are happy to talk.