GoLiiv was started to create more adaptive products for recreation, and out of a belief, to join the inclusive movement. Our mission is to create an awareness, help others with adaptive needs, team up with other adaptive entrepreneurs and to create some of our own modern (non-medical looking), fun, and functional products. Everyone deserves to “Liiv” and we are here to make that happen.

Birkley and Tamra Logan Story


Tamra Logans middle child was born deaf with Cerebral Palsy caused by a virus during pregnancy. Her mission has always been to provide the best experiences for her daughter. When there isn’t a product out there to fulfill that, her initial plan is to resolve the problem and find a way to fix it. A creative at heart, creating adaptive products was something she started doing after her daughter Birkley was born; starting with a padded playmat, headbands to hold on to her cochlear implants, prototyping a walker for her neighbor to build, and many more.

The concept for the Skneeks(knee shoes/knee pads) came about when her daughter started crawling or scooting on her knees at the age of four. There was nothing that would stay in place crawling up the stairs at home or at the park and nothing durable enough when on cement. Something needed to be made well enough for an active 4 year old. By creating these knee pads for Birkley, she could be mobile anywhere, giving her the freedom to be a kid.

Can also follow Tamra and Birkley’s blog on instagram @tamra_specialliving or on facebook at Special Living Today.