Flexible, Tear Resistant Knee Pads

Because of popular demand, we are almost sold out. See below.

We are taking orders until May 7th as we only have a few more in stock in each size. Some sold out. Due to popular demand of certain sizes, we just can’t keep up with the way we make these. We hope to bring our Skneeks back at a later time.

Cerebral Palsy Knee Pads

Move, climb, or fall on your knees without bruising & bleeding or wear & tear.

Pronounced “sneaks”, we have created a knee sneaker that protects the knees of people who need an abrasion and tear resistant knee pad. What makes our knee pads different is that we use a tough yet flexible, waterproof, rubberized material similar to a shoe sole on the knee on top of impact resistant padding. Originally created out of a need these are perfect for kids and adults, for many sports and activities.

* Patent Pending (Handmade in Denver, CO.)

Baby Toddler Skneeks Knee Pads
Rock Climbing Knee Pads

“The Skneeks have been very helpful for working on crawling with older kids. Especially on tile floors they provide more grip and less slipping, as well as knee protection.”

Marge, Physical Therapist

“OK she loves them and wanted to wear all afternoon and night!  Thank you so much! Allie loved being independently mobile at the pool. And I love not worrying about her knees getting torn up. This is seriously going to be a game changer for the summer!”

Lori, Mom to 4 yr old with motor delays

“Knee pads are excellent and fit well!”

George, Climber/Former Publisher and Editor of Rock & Ice Magazine

Our Story

Go Liiv was started out of a need to create more inclusive, adaptive products. The knee pads or knee shoes were created when the need for a better knee pad wasn’t out there. When Tamra Logan’s daughter, Birkley, was finally mobile on her own at the age of 4, she was using her knees to get everywhere. To give her independence, a shoe type knee pad was born.


Everyone deserves the ability to enjoy every day recreation. Creating adaptive or inclusive products and to collaborate with others to reach that goal is our mission. We all deserve to live life to the fullest and with our functional yet modern creations and teaming up with others we are giving people the ability to do just that.

Cerebral Palsy Knee Pads - Boy